And We’re Off!

Surrounded by friends and family and festooned with colorful balloons, we launched “Living in the Present Moment: A Divine Design” on a beautiful Sunday afternoon in September at The Jewish Experience Center, just before the beginning of Rosh Hashanah — the New Year —  and the fall Jewish holiday season. It was an auspicious time to celebrate a new beginning. Everyone was excited, since many were well aware of how long we had spent crafting our book to become exactly what we wanted to share with our soon-to-be readers.

Chef Cheryl Leban and a cadre of friends volunteered their time and talent to prepare delicious  refreshments for everyone to enjoy while they visited with friends and waited to have their books inscribed. We were especially touched to have Polly Letofsky of My Word Publishing, who coordinated all of the publishing services we needed to make our book a reality and shepherded us as the novices we were through all the overwhelming details. We were also so grateful to have Vicki Tosher, our editor and friend, with us. Vicki devoted so much time and attention and love to our book project. We are blessed to have had her help and to have spent many wonderful hours with her as we fine-tuned our manuscript.

After spending so many Wednesday afternoons writing and re-writing together in the privacy of the study at Ellyn’s house, it felt like a grand debut to introduce our book publicly for the first time. It was really thrilling to feel the enthusiasm and energy in the room, as our book was welcomed, purchased, and taken home to be read and put into practice.

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