Around the World in 24 Hours

India, Australia, Germany, Canada, the United Kingdom, and the United States — those were the countries in which almost 1500 people chose to receive the ebook version of “Living in the Present Moment: A Divine Design.” Within 24 hours during our Freebooksy* One-Day pitch to extend the reach of the profound wisdom for living in the present moment around the world, we sat and watched the numbers soar as people responded to this one-day offer. It was like watching election returns for a winning candidate.

Timed to coincide with the upcoming Passover holiday, the pitch was made intentionally to appeal to Jewish readers who might be looking for inspiration, especially with the holiday coming this year during the Coronavirus outbreak and all the challenges it presented to individuals and families wanting to celebrate in difficult and different times. It’s thrilling to know that so many people in such diverse places now have access to the life-enhancing wisdom embedded in the pages of “Living in the Present Moment: A Divine Design.”  

* Freebooksy is a subscription service where subscribers identify genres of literature that interest them and want to be targeted for one-day free ebook offers.

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