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Reviewed in the United States on January 12, 2020

I love this book. Thank you.

Pola Lubarov / Amazon Review

Reviewed in the United States on October 7, 2019

Edra Pollin / Amazon Review

I loved reading this book

I loved reading this book because I finally realized the essence of “being in the moment” in a Jewish way.  By using the Jewish holidays as a base for experiencing moments in time, I could participate more fully in the joyful celebration of Shabbat and the awesomeness of the High Holidays.

By reading this book I began to understand how to appreciate the beauty of Jewish events by focusing on the individual moments rather than letting the events rush by and thereby losing the spiritual impact.

As a result, I could truly value the depth and breadth of each sacred occasion.

I would recommend this book to anyone who wants to feel more Jewishly attached to our great legacy.

Marlin Barad

I recommend this great book to anyone

If I had one word to describe this work by two extraordinary teachers of Jewish wisdom, it would be “Magical”.   I have been amazed at the synergy that happens when I pick up this book. It seems like just about every time,I’m opening it right to a section that is somehow tailor-fitted to whatever issue or experience I’m encountering at that particular moment in my life!   

“Living in the Present Moment” takes us on a journey through a “House” which consists of Jewish Holiday and additional “rooms” filled with mitzvahs and other Torah treasures.  Through the journey, it offers us insight for dealing with our life experiences while avoiding past regrets and fears of the future.  It’s especially apropos for the unusual and challenging times we currently find ourselves in.  I recommend this great book to anyone looking for direction toward focusing on the divine GIFT, coming from a Jewish perspective, that is accessible to us all ——- the Only Moment There Is, namely The PRESENT One!  

Tova Kawa

This is a “forever keep book”

“I can’t think of any book that I have read in the last few years that is more timely than the principles laid out for “Living in the Present Moment: A Divine Design.”  It is what we need to change our way of thinking, especially in  light of these uncertain days we are experiencing. Often we live too much in the past and/or too much in the future. Of course we learn from the past and plan for the future; however that is not where we are now! Don’t let that special moment pass you by. This book has the reminders and guidance on how to find that “sweet spot” in today, this moment!

For me this is a “forever keep book”, like a reference book you read and re-read again, and not limited to the holiday sections. It is a book you continually open to special sections you need help with throughout the year.  This book shows you how to be a better version of yourself.  I guess you can tell I think a lot of this book’s organization, style and guidance.

Congratulations Ellyn and Teena for years well spent.”

Miriam Fortune

I highly recommend reading this book

 In this magical and unique book filled with wisdom and creativity, Ellyn Hutt and Teena Slatkin help us explore how the Jewish values & mitzvot that we learn from the holidays can teach us invaluable tools to cope with life and its challenges.

‘Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional.’ Impactful quotes like this give us strength to take charge and re-frame our perspective. 

I highly recommend reading this book that can help us grow spiritually, one step at a time!” 

Gabriela Gottlieb